Monday, March 24, 2008

Sequel to 'Harbinger of Doom'


I'd like to thank those who've purchased Harbinger of Doom: Featuring the Gateway, and especially those kind enough to have posted favorable reviews on Due to your support, over the last weeks Harbinger of Doom climbed to as high as the #4 bestselling book in the 'Swords and Sorcery' rankings and #9 bestselling in the 'heroic fantasy' rankings on

Many folks have inquired as to whether there will be a sequel and when it will come out. The answer is yes - a second book is in the works, and it will likely be published later this year. Additional books are in the planning stages. Please feel free to leave comments and questions in the comments box below this post. I'm always interested in hearing about your ideas for future stories and comments on what characters you like or don't and why.

Harbinger of Doom is currently available for purchase from,, and It has been showing up recently in various lists of best/most popular heroic fantasy books, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, action/adventure, and sci-fi. As such it's been going head to head with such popular books as 'His Dark Materials Trilogy' by Philip Pullman, White Night by Jim Butcher, New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, and Brisingr by Christopher Paolini

--- Glenn G. Thater, Author of 'Harbinger of Doom'.