Saturday, March 19, 2005


On this blog I post short stories, poems, and excerpts from my books, many of which feature a character called The Lord Angle Theta. Each story and portion thereof is copyrighted.

My books can be purchased from My profile page, which includes a complete listing of my books can be accessed here:

If you're outside the United States and can't purchase from or if you just don't want to purchase from Amazon, you can purchase my Trade Paperback books directly from the Publisher using these links:

Harbinger of Doom (1st Edition):

Harbinger of Doom (2nd Edition):

Please feel free to leave feedback or story reviews by clicking on the 'comment' button below each post. Any constructive comments are welcome; compliments and rave reviews are even more welcome - nasty remarks will be deleted.

My stories generally fall within the category of Heroic Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery, along the lines of Robert E. Howard's Conan, Kull, or Solomon Kane, and Moorcock's Elric. If you like their stories, you may also like mine.

--- Glenn G. Thater