Sunday, February 24, 2008

When Will They Come for My Factor Gear?

By Glenn G. Thater, Author of ‘Harbinger of Doom’

I sit in my beloved library at 34,
Reading forbidden books behind locked door,
I guard here the tomes I’m not supposed to read,
A shelf full of Rush, and North whose views I must not heed,
The old Pat Buchanan’s, the Hannity’s, the Newts,
My dog-eared O’Reillys, and the Coulters so dear,
Should I turn down the light, should I read here in fear?
I know soon they’ll come for my Factor Gear,

Their revolution is here whether we like it or not,
It seems that they beat us without firing a shot.
Their insidious tactics took us unaware,
Shredding our once proud culture bare,

In a few short decades they’ve laid us to waste,
Their crimes too long for any reasonable space,
We called them the lefties, the liberals, the elites,
Now they’ve become the dreaded thought police,

Already they dictate how we may speak,
They steer what we read,
And tell us what to think,

They’ve rewritten our history and destroyed our heroes,
Replacing them with various lefty zeroes,
They still have a warm spot for old Uncle Joe,
Will they never learn our friends from our foes?

What year will it be when they crash through my door,
To fire my books and throw me to the floor?
When will it be that they’re finally here,
When will they come for my Factor Gear?

Long is the list of the evils they claim,
Longer still the list of our heroes whose names they’ve defamed,

Now they tell us that Columbus and Washington and old Hickory were devils,
Endless charges of intolerance and insensitivity do they level,

They tell us we’re stupid or loony or both,
Who else would ever cast a republican vote?

A culture of apology and confession,
Our begging forgiveness their daily obsession.

Their mantras - diversity and political correctness,
That’s the dogma of the fair-minded friendly leftists.

The day’s long since here that we can’t speak our minds,
They’ve rewritten the dictionary and laid it with mines
How long until Fox is thrown off the air?
Can’t I speak how I like, why isn’t that fair?

How old will I be when they break through my door,
To burn my books and toss me to the floor?
My seventies? My sixties? Could it happen that soon?
Could it happen in my forties, or tomorrow at noon?

They’ll take my worn volumes of Rush and old Pat Buchanan,
They’ll shred my Hannity’s, and my O’Reilly’s and my Coulter’s so dear,
Will they leave me a single piece of my Factor Gear?


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? I'm a lefty or a liberal or whatever you want to call me and I would die for your right to read, write and say whatever you want! It seems to me that its you righties that want to control what I can read, who I can talk to, tap my phone, monitor my communications, violate my rights, etc.

Also, way to lose a sale, and based on your Amazon sales rank you probably need every one, I was just about to try one of your books.

Glenn G. Thater said...

This is great! I'm being attacked by an anonymous "lefty" for what he or she assumes are my political beliefs after reading a political poem I wrote! I have now achieved a new level of success. thank you, anonymous lefty.

One would think if a liberal minded person didn't agree with the tactics described in my poem, they wouldn't be offended by it. This fellow was so offended that he feels the need to take a shot at me - i.e., criticize my poor book sales. In truth, my book sales are fantastic and my books are ranked high in their respective categories. So the anonymous critic has intentionally insulted me because he doesn't agree with what he assumes are my politics and does it with inaccurate data, and he has even decided that my works of fantasy fiction are now not worthy of being read (what, as punishment for my supposed politically incorrect beliefs?). Sounds just like the folks described in the poem, doesn't it?

glenn g. thater
Author of Harbinger of Doom

Anonymous said...

Kudos for posting my comment - I didn't really think you would.

I don't agree with the tactics described in your poem and I suppose I dispute the idea that liberal thought police will come kicking in your door and I imply that it is more likely that conservative thought police will stomp on my rights first.

Far from taking a shot at you I only meant to comment that having overtly political media on your blog is likely to turn off potential purchasers (such as myself).

Good luck.

Glenn G. Thater said...

Thanks Tim.

You're right about the political poem potentially turning people off. I knew that was a risk, but a wise man once told me that sometimes you have to be a little controversial to get people's attention and get noticed. That's what I was really going for. I also thought for each person that might not like the poem's politics, another might.

If you like the fantasy short stories posted on this site - you'd probably like Harbinger of Doom much more. Most of the short stories I banged out in half an hour to an hour; so they're far from my best work.

glenn g. thater